He wasn’t what she was expecting…Kneeling on One Knee

Tale #3

The week went by painstakingly slow for the two of them. Every day, she would go to work, then go straight to the hospital to keep him company in his recovery; having to leave him each night so that the both of them could get the proper rest they needed. She would read to him, they would watch Wheel of Fortune, go for short walks around the hospital, play games, and her absolute favorite…they would slow dance in his room, next to the window, with whatever slow song would pop up on their Pandora stream.

It was in these solitary moments, just the two of them, that she realized for certain her love for him was the type of love that only comes once. She loved him no matter what; she loved him unconditionally, a love that had previously only been reserved for family members. She prayed for his continued recovery and it was a week later, on a Saturday, the doctor came in with a smile on his face.

“You ready to go home?”

“More than anything.”

As soon as the discharge paperwork was signed and their belongings gathered up. The two of them walked out of the hospital hand in hand, the way they walked through the rest of their lives together. His recovery was steady and before they knew it, six months had flown by and Fall was upon them. Their routines of going to work daily, then rushing to each other’s houses to cook dinner, or go to the gym, or play a game, was the only thing that mattered in their worlds. They were the best of friends and the love each of them both needed in life.

Fall was their favorite season and it would remain so during their marriage. The smell of green chili roasting in the air, the beautiful hot air balloons that decorated the skies, the pumpkin patches and petting zoos that popped up over their hometown were magical. When Labor Day weekend snuck up on them, they decided to go for a three day trip to Ouray, Colorado to see the foliage changing. The hints of yellow and red trees that lined the mountains were so stunning, there was no need for talking. The road trip was exactly what they needed to escape some of the harsh realities of home; work was stressful, money was tight, but the journey through the mountains was refreshing and placed things in perspective again for each of them. All that really mattered was the two of them.

They decided to take a turn up towards Yankee Boy Basin to see the changing leaves and the flowers that were still holding on to summer. Stopping right in front of a beautiful waterfall, they decided to get out to see the view. 513f39b10a2ae2eb730fb9d409da7153--colorado-usa-colorado-hikingThey were left completely speechless and the view was something you can’t even imagine until you see it. Every color was present; from red and yellow leaves sprinkling through the tree lines, to wild flowers of purple, yellow, red, and orange decorating the outskirts of the waterfall. Up further they drove out upon a ledge that looked over the entire valley. The views of Summer, Fall and Winter all blending together in the most beautiful place they had ever seen. It was surreal.

She turned around to see his expression and that’s where she found him, kneeling, on one knee…

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